Surfer AI: Unlocking the Power of SEO-Optimized Content Generation

Surfer SEO has released a new tool called Surfer AI that creates “ready to rank” articles with the click of a button. The tool uses its own proprietary algorithm to generate articles, compared to other AI article creators which are based on OpenAI’s API. With this tool, a user can get a complete SEO optimized article in about 10 minutes.

Surfer AI allows content creators to adjust tone of voice, add anti-AI detection, as well as the ability to analyze your current organic competitors of your choosing. Surfer AI will fetch current results and will optimize the content based on your competitors.

Surfer SEO explains how it works:

1. Choose your keyword and let Surfer AI analyze competitors and research the topic for you.
2. Customize your article before generating: select tone of voice, adjust competitors, and review the outline.
3. Once generated, read and refine your article. Review the tone, add images, and enrich the final version with links.

Surfer AI is out now with plans starting at $29/mo. For 1 article, Surfer AI costs $29. Discounts are available if more articles are purchased.

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