How to Use AI to create Social media posts with chatGPT and Canva

As a business owner in today’s world, one of the biggest challenges is being consistent on social media. Creating content, coming up with ideas, writing captions, and designing graphics can be overwhelming and time-consuming. However, in this article, we will explore how you can leverage the power of Chat GPT and Canva to design 40 social media posts in just two minutes. Not only will we show you the process, but we will also discuss how you can use this technique to make money for yourself. So let’s dive in!

Using Chat GPT to Generate Content

The first step in this process is to visit` and log in to your Chat GPT account. If you don’t have an account, you can easily register on the website. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be taken to the homepage. Here, you can enter the topic or keywords you want Chat GPT to generate content for. For example, you can enter \”tips\” or \”strategies\” related to your niche or industry. Chat GPT will generate a response based on your input.

In our training example, let’s say we want Chat GPT to generate 40 tips on how to make money online. Once Chat GPT generates the content, you can review it and make any changes or additions if necessary. If you’re not satisfied with the initial response, you can click on \”regenerate response\” to get a new set of tips. Remember, Chat GPT is free to use, so feel free to explore its full potential.

Exporting Content to an Excel Sheet

After finalizing the generated content from Chat GPT, the next step is to copy the text. Simply highlight the content and copy it. Now, we will proceed to the next stage, which involves adding this text to an Excel sheet. For convenience, we recommend using Google Sheets, an online platform that allows easy access from anywhere in the world. You can also use other spreadsheet programs on your system or phone if you prefer.

To use Google Sheets, open `` in your browser and click on \”Blank\” to create a new sheet. Once the blank sheet appears, paste the copied text from Chat GPT into the sheet. Additionally, copy the title or manually type it out. Save the sheet, and then click on \”File\” and select \”Download.\” Choose the CSV format for downloading the sheet.

Utilizing Canva for Graphic Design

Now, let’s move on to Canva, a popular graphic design tool. Visit `` and sign in to your account. Canva offers both free and paid versions, but for this tutorial, we will focus on the free version. After signing in, navigate to the Instagram templates section and select \”Instagram Posts.\”

Once you’re in the Instagram Posts section, you can browse through various design options. Choose a design template that resonates with you or your brand. In our example, we’ll select a design related to tips. Customize the design by adding your brand colors, logos, or any other elements that represent your brand identity. Don’t forget to change the handle or username displayed in the design to your own Instagram handle or social media link.

Bulk Creating Designs with Canva

To create all 40 designs quickly, Canva offers a bulk creation feature. Scroll down on the left sidebar until you see the \”Apps\” section. Click on \”Apps\” and then select \”Bulk Create.\” In the bulk creation panel, you’ll find two options: \”Enter data manually\” or \”Upload CSV file.\” Choose the latter.

Click on the \”Upload\” button and select the CSV file.

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