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In today’s globalized world, connecting with a diverse audience requires speaking their native language. However, translating content into different languages can be challenging, time-consuming, and expensive. Fortunately, there is a solution –, an AI-powered tool that simplifies and accelerates the process of localizing video content in 60 different languages. In this article, we will explore how works, its key features, and pricing options.

Connecting with a Global Audience

– Speaking the native language of your audience enhances communication and connection.
– Converting content into multiple languages is a complex and time-consuming task.
– offers a solution to effortlessly translate content into 60 different languages.

Features of

1. Fast and Fun Localization:
– simplifies the localization process, making it easy and enjoyable.
– It allows you to convert your content into various languages quickly.

2. Dubbing and Lip Sync:
– enables the creation of dubbed videos in different languages.
– Previously, lip syncing in translated videos was challenging, but now offers a lip sync feature, ensuring better synchronization with the translated audio.

3. Extensive Language Support:
– supports translation into 60 languages, providing the opportunity to reach a wide audience.
– By converting your videos into multiple languages, you can expand your viewer base significantly.

4. Voice-Over and Subtitles:
– now offers voice-over and subtitle features.
– Adding subtitles to videos becomes effortless, allowing for better accessibility and understanding.

5. Shot:
– RaskShot is a new product that automatically extracts the best shots from lengthy videos.
– These shots can be used for YouTube shorts, Instagram Reels, and other platforms.

6. Diverse Use Cases:
– serves a variety of purposes, including customer training, employee onboarding, marketing, explainer videos, and educational content.
– Imagine creating an educational video in English and translating it into 60 different languages, reaching an extensive global audience.

Getting Started with

1. Sign Up:
– Click on the \”Try for Free\” button on the website.
– Create an account using your email ID or Gmail account.

2. Dashboard Overview:
– Upon signing in, you will find a simple and user-friendly dashboard.
– You can upload your original videos, manage subscriptions, and access account settings.

3. Uploading and Translating Videos:
– Choose the video you want to translate and specify the source and target languages.
– supports various video formats, including YouTube videos and MKV files.
– Click on the \”Translate\” button to initiate the translation process.
– Your project will be created, and the video will start uploading for translation.

4. Video Generation and Editing:
– While the video is generating, you can browse the help section or reach out to support via the chat button.
– Once the translation is complete, your video will be available for playback.
– The translated video will closely resemble the original, ensuring an impressive quality of translation.
– Additionally, you can edit the transcription and original content with the pro version.

Pricing Options

– offers monthly and annual billing plans with different features.
– Monthly Plan:
– $49 per month with 25 minutes of video translation and dubbing.
– Soft limit: Pay $1 per minute for any extra translation beyond the allotted limit.
– Voice cloning in eight languages.
– Business Plan:
– $119 per month with 100 minutes of video translation and dubbing.
– Soft limit applies, allowing additional minutes at $1 per minute.
– Voice cloning in eight languages.
– Unlimited file storage.
– Early access to lip sync feature.
– Early access to voice cloning.

– Annual billing options are also available, providing savings compared to monthly plans.

Conclusion is an AI tool that simplifies video localization by offering fast and accurate translations into 60 languages. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful features such as dubbing, lip sync, voice-over, and subtitles, empowers content creators to reach a global audience. Whether you aim to train customers, engage employees, market products, or educate viewers, opens up new possibilities for effective communication across language barriers.

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